Duck Dynasty

When I’m with my friends and I change the channel to Duck Dynasty I hear comments like “They’re just a bunch of rich redneck hicks”. This seems to be a common thought among a number of people, though most don’t know much about where the Robertson family started off.

While watching the show, people think that the Robertson family has more than their fair share of money.  I understand that everyone has their own opinion of them, but as an avid viewer of the Duck Dynasty television series, I’ve learned to look beyond the rich dumb redneck portrayal. When you follow each episode and season, you begin to realize that Phil, who started the million dollar business, tends to live off the land more than he spends his money.  As detailed as the television show may be of the Robertson family’s life, it still doesn’t tell you their full life story; for this you would have to read some of the Duck Commander books like Phil’s book titled “Happy Happy, Happy”.  In the books, you find out details of the Robertson family before they had all the money.  You learn of their hard times, like when Phil was a kid and slept in a shed with his three brothers; and that they have gone from rags to riches by hard work and their beliefs in God.

Most people don’t even know that Phil Robertson didn’t even want to do the television show when the producer’s came to him and presented the idea. Like all television reality shows, there is a story behind how it got started, but Duck Dynasty by has far the most unique story.



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